Traders Market at the Rushmore Mall features a variety of artists and vendors!

Traders market entrance
Is TRADERS MARKET a flea market? Yes!
Is TRADERS MARKET an Arts and Crafts show? Yes!
Is TRADERS MARKET a second hand store? Yes!
Is TRADERS MARKET a retail sales outlet? Yes!
All of this and much more!
TRADERS MARKET is a family friendly sales venue which includes over 100 vendors with a huge variety of products. Each individual vendor has his or her specialty. There are Hot Wheels to hot dogs; Artwork to Archie comics; junk to jewelry, bath oils to bathtubs; fossils to Funko to furniture. You get the picture.
Our motto is “if you haven’t found it you haven’t been to TRADERS MARKET”. It is very nearly true. The variety of goods is simply awesome.

But do you know what is even more awesome? Answer: the pure FUN of shopping at TRADERS MARKET. Sometimes I sit in a side room at Traders Market for an hour and simply listen to the sounds. I hear a constant barrage of laughs, giggles, guffaws and chuckles interspersed with “Hey, look at this” or “Remember, Grandma had one of these”.

Our vendors are having FUN, as well. They are small businesspersons who each sell a product which they are passionate about. Many, or even most, are selling at TRADERS MARKET because they enjoy the interaction they have with their customers.

This is why I purchased TRADERS MARKET. The entire experience is FUN.

I can guarantee that you can stop by any Friday, Saturday or Sunday and you will have an enjoyable time with us.

Don’t forget. We are climate controlled summer and winter!

TRADERS MARKET is located off I-90 at Exit 59 at the east end of the Rushmore Mall in Rapid City.

100+ Vendors. 1000's of Items.

Traders Market at Rushmore Mall is located in the space formerly occupied by the Sears Department Store in the Rushmore Mall in Rapid City.

Traders Market at the Rushmore Mall
2200 N Maple Ave.
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701

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Friday………………… 10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday……………. 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday……………… 10 AM – 4 PM